Wednesday, July 18, 2007

oh ffs!

yes, i'm back.... i have to admit that lace knitting has returned me to my blog, to my *real* life, to my place in the world.

  • my back = recoverying nicely
  • my knitting = back on track, socks and shawls as usual, a sweater in the works as well (one that i will have to exercise all the rest of the summer to fit into for winter, but, that's another journey)
  • my love = perfect as always, even in stressful times we are stronger than ever
  • my work = well... after the big move, i'll get back to it, patience for now

what else can i say? i've been reading my blogs again, going back six months and delicately picking up bits and pieces of my life, packing them up with all of my other belongings to be put in temporary storage until the big move. wish me luck!

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