Sunday, July 29, 2007

in which we move, perhaps?


they come on tuesday to cart our crap out of our ridiculously large house and into a ridiculously inexpensive storage space until we find another ridiculously large apartment in the lovely city of chicago (not ridiculous at all, can't wait to get there!)

are we ready? FUCK YEAH!

whooooot!!!!! i can't believe we're gonna pull this thing off!

objects found while packing:
  • remote control - yay!
  • bag of gym clothes from 2003, unwashed - ewwww
  • approximately $184.30 in foreign money, mostly rendered un-exchangable now that the EU has converted to the euro - duh!
  • checks, financial papers, real estate documents from our last apt (sold in 2000!) dating back to 1994 (as long as we've been together, geesh!) - shredding, whew!
  • water gun and one toe sock, embossed with "lil devil" - no idea, don't ask
  • two limericks written to me on a receipt in red pen, one horrible, one not so bad (remember the birthday of 2004?)
  • birdfarm's Star Trek fan fiction, circa 1983 - god that was FUNNY!
and now i must go much paper, ugh.

advice for the day, de-clutter your house NOW :)

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