Sunday, November 12, 2006

can you see my posts?

some people have emailed saying they can't see my posts. now i know that i'm the one taking Oxycontin but is this really true? hmmmm, i'll try republishing it all. that should make it really fun for all two of you who read me through bloglines :)

in other news: apparently i have lost all ability to judge people. i mean the nasty gossip gene must have been extracted with the tumor. or else its the Oxycontin. i love everyone. i love the nurses, the doctors, the guy who cleans my room, the semi-crazy woman who lost the ability to walk and move her arms and hands after a bout of pneumonia, even the very cranky respiratory people who come into my room at 6 a.m. to see if my cpap machine is still on and working. now, that's love people

speaking of love, just found out that a friend is pregnant again! congrats C!!!! wishing u the best :)

and I have a day pass today and am leaving the hospital for the first time since Oct. 27th! we're going shoe shopping! wahoo!

that's all...

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