Monday, October 2, 2006

when your spine hates the rest of your body nobody is very happy

thanks for your good thoughts and encouragement. i'm really looking forward to the cortisone injections, hopefully not putting too much hope in them, but just the right amount. there's a good chance they will let me work again, walk without doing the drunk person walk that i do now, and get back to my fieldwork! there's also a chance they will relieve the pain a bit but not last, so i'm just trying to be realistic here.

what i have is spinal degeneration due to arthritis, enlarged facets on l4 and l5 if you're familiar with the lingo. this produces compression of the nerves that travel from your spinal cord to your legs and lower back. when they are compressed they produce mind-numbing pain and then u get the really good drugs :) they will inject cortisone right into the facets if they can and the joints should go back to a normal size for a while.

so my cocktail of morphine, naproxen, lidocane and percoset is a recipe for painless stupidity with a drunken gait. i think i really freaked out a guy in the whirpool at the gym last night... stumbling around, into the whirlpool and then swimming laps for 30 mins. i'm sure he was concerned that a drunken fat woman should not be so close to so much water, ha!

i hate blog posts that focus on one's health but i also wanted my friends to know why i haven't seen them in ages... it's been a month since i couldn't drive, i only get to the gym and the acpuncturist, and various ERs and Dr.s and back because i have to and poor loopy has been chauffeuring me around and putting on my underwear on the bad days.

so enough of that! my sweater is turning out very nicely. three quarters of the way down one sleeve, yoke done. it's a top-down set-in sleeved cardigan. once again i am amazed at sweater wizard software, makes it so easy! and magpie.... who could hate Rowan's magpie yarn! marvelously soft, not splitty and beautifully saturated with color. on my third hank and not a knot in any of them. this is Rowan back when they made quality yarn! all that time wasted on ebay getting 'vintage' yarn is so worth it!

yesterday we had a collie-visit. gracie was ecstatic, verging on bliss and hysteria as she came nose to nose with two strapping boys of her own breed. they definitely could tell that they were related, it was cool to see three of them galloping across the yard. our neighbors were on a hike and got completely lost (yes, u can do this in my neighborhood, all woods) and found our driveway. ah ha! they said, we know the way home from that house, and up our hill they all trotted. i'm so glad they rang the bell (even if it was 11:00 a.m. on a Sunday and we were still in bed, he he he). nice people, beautiful dogs and loopy got to talk to someone outside of our little microcosm. i mean it's been me and loopy for days and days... good thing we're getting along so much better now!

that's all the news... haven't had an intellectual thought in days, i'm beginning to worry that i'll never get back in the gradschool grind. or am i worried? hell no... :)

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