Wednesday, October 4, 2006

inane musing: my family

no, i don't talk about my family much. it's not because i've alienated myself from most of them (i actually have!) or that i don't think about and care deeply for those members who made the cut (love ya sis!)... more that we're so far from them at the moment, and with my self-imposed isolation, i'm feeling far away from everyone right now.

but, i've been trying to find this picture for years. it turned up recently in a letter from my sis... just had to share it with you all for so many reasons. me, desolate, pensive, wearing horrible clothes. ricky, smiling, always flirty even in the same horrible clothes (it wasn't just the 70s, it was my mother), just really wanting to wear baretts in his hair too.

i love u ricky! my "little" nephew... only three years apart and this picture just says it all for me. so get off your can and write me a goddamed encouraging email already! yes, i do need it today.

your auntie :)

for those of you who know the story of the hurling turkey and the ensuing cleanup of fake xmas tree, yes, that's the exact tree. yes, we cleaned all the tinsel too.

well, what kind of post would you write on the eve of the day that might make the rest of your life a lot better? send happy thoughts to Dr. Leonard as he points a really, really sharp needle at my spine tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. thanks in advance.

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