Sunday, September 24, 2006

why morphine is your friend and percoset is not...

actually you can think rather clearly on a regular dose of morphine, timed-release.
you can not think on any amount of percoset that a doctor will prescribe for you.

had almost four good days... back to the insurmountable leap over 24 hour pain. it wears on you.

but... started a sweater, to feel useful. black stash yarn (Magpie! such a find!) into a top-down, set-in-sleeves cardigan for loopy as she insists on going to Iran in a month. of course, it's black.

work has ceased on everything else, i'm afraid to report. cancelling my visit to Ann Arbor for a wonderful conference. On a good day I realize that I'm doing these things to take care of myself. On a bad day I feel like my life is closing in on all sides and that I'm turning into Ted Kaczynski (house in the woods, too much time on my hands, grudges against academia). Just kidding of course, I don't have much free time, with all the pill-taking and sleeping!

Loopy continues to be the perfect spouse, aside from her insistence on going to Iran.

Oct. 5, I have been scheduled to received the spinal injections which should put me back on track at least for a long while. Can't wait.

that's the news. it's not exciting, I know. mostly this post is for my wonderful sister who reads my blog and sends me encouraging emails. love ya sis!

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