Monday, September 11, 2006


a weird shift has occured in the universe... i am suddenly visible.

i mean in public. i was always visible at home and in restaurants and movies with friends.

now, i'm visible to strangers.

in elevators.

at the pool.

on the street.

in my car.

each of these places has been the scene of random conversation with a total stranger (ok, well the car was just some yelling and looking - by them, not me). did you get that? total strangers can see me now.

i used to pass through the world, invisibly. no one would strike up conversations with me about their next destination, the state of their workout routine, whether that particular restaurant is good, or ask me to take off any articles of clothing. no one. ever. in at least fifteen years.

at first i thought it was just a strange series of coincidences. but, now i'm convinced that they can actually see me.

it's amazing what happens when you begin to approach a "normal" size. i'm not sure i like it. and at the same time, i'm relieved to exist again.

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